The Best National Handbag Day 2019 Snaps and Shares

National Handbag Day 2019: we asked, and you all absolutely replied! This year, NHD snuck up on us all, yet you all weren’t bashful about offering your snaps to us and we adored staying aware of the entirety of your offers on instagram! We were excited to see such a significant number of you celebrating with us yesterday. With #nationalhandbagday drifting on Instagram, there was simply such a great amount to see. We adored seeing snaps from our preferred brands and influencers, however our preferred posts originated from our genuine perusers and steadfast devotees like every one of you. As the day went on, the posts were rolling in relentless and it was difficult to keep up. Despite the fact that there’s sufficiently not time to share them all, we absolutely wish we could. Until further notice, we’ve gathered together our top picks underneath for your review joy. fabaaa joy instagram fabaaa joy facebook

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