Presenting Senreve Belt Bags – fabulous aaa joy

At last a belt sack that packs a punch in both style and capacity…

We’ve secured Senreve a reasonable piece since we previously acquainted you with the new sack brand in 2017. Presently a little more than 2 years of age, Senreve has developed hugely en route, including new styles, cowhides and hues to its contributions. My preferred sack up to this point has been the Mini Maestra. I use it so frequently both in light of its easily cool vibe—wearing it as a knapsack is my top choice!— and on the grounds that it’s inconceivably utilitarian.

A couple of months back Senreve added two new sacks to its line up and when our companions over at Senreve contacted us to check whether we needed to show signs of improvement look, obviously we said yes! We’re eager to acquaint all of you with Senreve’s Belt Bags, the two of which have been extraordinarily prevalent since their discharge over the late spring, and in the wake of taking them both for a turn around NYC, we can perceive any reason why.

It’s difficult to state which belt pack I cherish more, in light of the fact that honestly they are both extremely that great. I’ll begin with the Aria Belt Bag, which we styled in Mimosa Bordeaux. What I adore about Senreve’s calfskins is the means by which solid they are. The quality is unfathomable and the general development of each pack is obvious the moment you lay your hands on one. The Aria Belt Bag is the same. The Mimosa cowhide is marginally stiffer than the brand’s Pebbled calfskin—however the belt packs are accessible in the two completions—and it’s very finished to the touch. It grabs shading actually well and I worship the rich, profound tone of the Bordeaux in this style.

As far as usefulness, however this pack is significantly littler than Senreve’s different sacks (it is a belt sack all things considered) obviously they planned this sack in view of the young lady in a hurry. For a belt sack, it’s very simple to wear and utilize, and I thought that it was significantly more utilitarian than other belt packs we’ve seen and checked on. The pack’s long lash is customizable to be worn numerous ways from a customary belt sack or a sling pack, to a grip or even a crossbody, the Aria can do everything.

As far as capacity, inside there’s a card opening on the facade of the sack, just as a zippered pocket on the back of the pack. Moreover, there is likewise a cut style take that is covered up under the sack’s fold conclusion. The sack is lined in a delicate blue small scale softened cowhide which is recolor safe. It’s done with an attractive conclusion which makes the sack too simple to get in and out of when it’s on-body. By and large components of the Aria Belt Bag are 5″ L x 8″ W x 2″ D.

Next up, Senreve sent us their not so much precise but rather more curvier Coda Belt Bag in Mimosa Onyx. Clearly I cherish that this belt pack is dark and I had a fabulous time styling this more coolly than the Aria. Despite the fact that I dressed it down a bit for our shoot, I’m eager to wear this distinctively my next go round. Honestly, my preferred thing about Senreve packs, or most sacks so far as that is concerned, is styling them various ways. I cherish that both of these sacks can work twofold obligation.

Like the Aria, the Coda Belt Bag in Mimosa Onyx is exceptionally finished and unbelievably smooth. This chic sack can likewise be worn a plenty of ways, making it super-engaging. In spite of the fact that this sack has three pockets also, they contrast somewhat. Inside there is a zippered pocket and a cardholder, anyway the third pocket is a cut pocket on the back outside of the pack, which I used to hold my MetroCard—stunner! The Coda is additionally lined in delicate smaller scale softened cowhide, however it is done with a speed around conclusion. In general components of the Coda Belt Bag are 4″ L x 7″ W x 2.5″D.