When I think of Versace, Donatella invariably enters my head. We all know Donatella loves a tan that moves way past the stage of blending in. Blending in is definitely clearly not her forte, but in bag design that’s actually a strength. After all, you desire your consumers to perk up at something wow. Versace tries to woo us with their concepts of wow : 80’s articulations of excess blingy-ness, opulent glam and ornate details. Unfortunately, most of the days it constantly falls short.

Balmain in some ways reminds myself of Versace: they both don’t put a lot of resources into their hand bags from the looks of it. Under Olivier Rousteing, luggage are more modern, but still give off a feeling of contrived excess (though Balmain really does this more with a sense of superiority). The Balmain emblem becomes too much of a focal point, which I can’t help but think looks like a religious seal for a cult. Weirdly though, when Balmain marries it with the 80’s – the thunderbolt seen on so many rock album covers of the day and in comics like Flash Gordon- it’s a fun change from the spartan colours the brand typically uses and movements away from Balmain’s recent obsession with the military. It really needed to stop taking itself seriously and here we have just that.

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  1. haha that is my main thing as well! Or on the other hand I state I got it from ebay, leaving it open finished whether it's a rep or not (I could have been one of those poor spirits who got suckered into purchasing an imitation when they thought they were purchasing the authentic.)I claim both valid and reproduction bals, and my inclination is that the moment I begin to get fixated on the subtleties of my rep sack, I should simply purchase the bona fide. In any case, for me, who knows. Regardless of whether I'd rather get a rep or genuine comes and goes.As for different reps I claim, I got them since I like the pack yet insufficient to want to have everything "perfect" and to pay whatever sum the real cost.And I am desirous of baga that she has a balenciaga store close to her. I've purchased the greater part of my bals as telephone orders from Bal Las Vegas or BalNYC so I miss whatever "excitement" originates from an in store buy. The stores close me that have balenciaga never get the hues or styles I lean toward Sucre03

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