TINA CRAIG X NANCY GONZALEZ COLLECTION – fabaaa customer reviews 2017

There are a few things you probably know about me if you’ve been reading since the beginning of the blog (almost 14 years ago!); one is my affinity for Nancy Gonzalez bags and that I’ve been collecting them for just as long.

This is why I’m super excited to announce that my latest collaborative effort is with none other than Nancy herself (you might have seen sneak peeks on Instagram!) exclusively for Saks! This collection is very near and dear to my heart because it is an ode to Santiago Gonzalez, Nancy’s son and one of the greatest friends of my lifetime. Santiago’s untimely passing two years ago was nothing short of devastating. We lost a beautiful, effervescent and generous spirit.

Santiago was also the President and Creative Director of Nancy Gonzalez, where his passion and creativity helped to define the brand. With this collection I think we would have made him proud!

There are 10 amazing pieces in the capsule that reimagine the classic design and aesthetic that Nancy Gonzalez is known for. You all know that I will always be a California girl at heart, and this collection combines my west coast upbringing with the uncompromising Cali craftsmanship of Nancy Gonzalez hand bags.

(Don’t worry about the barbeque sauce, this is made of durable double coated linen!)

One of the unique cornerstones of the collection is the outstanding functionality of each piece. We’ve blended sumptuous crocodile with a super-durable double coated linen to create pieces that will not only become long-lasting additions to your collection, but will also be able to keep up with the busy lifestyle of a woman on the go. I hope that you will love them just as much as I do.

Shop the collection at Saks Fifth Avenue today! The collection is usually available at 17 locations and online (I didn’t forget my international bag snobs!)

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  1. i have both auths and reps. my budgeting has changed due to the economy (still make the same amount of money but, spending less) but, my shopping habits haven't. consequently, i still have the same shopping urges but, with less to work with. reps fill the void. before, i had no problems paying almost a grand for prada nylon, etc. but, my perspective has shifted. i want more bang for my buck and with handbags, i find the value in reps.my husband is aghast that i choose to buy reps but, sort of changed his mind when i took him shopping and showed him the price tags. he's okay with me spending a couple of thousand on a bag but, expects me to only buy one per year. unfortunately, i love variety, so that won't work for me. champagne tastes on spumanti budget!i gifted my mom a tnd bag. she carries auths (lv, prada, miu miu, ferragamo, fendi) and she's since ignored them for her nbf! her anthra bag has become so soft and smooshy from constant use. she doesn't encourage me to buy reps but, can't help herself from loving her nbf. carta

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