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When I hear the term “beauty bag” I picture a low quality, zip-top monstrosity filled with samples I’ll never use. SOON, that’ll end up being an image of the past. The brainchild of Very Good Light Editor David Yi, the SOON handbag brings beauty, travel, and style collectively in one very pretty little package. It’s already lighting Instagram on fire, and I need one, like, yesterday.

Filled with products I actually want (including an amazing Youth To The People duo), what really models the bag apart is its usability. It’s literally built from the inside out to function as the perfect travel bag. It hangs, provides compartments, and is definitely water resistant. It’s also got a removable roll out makeup pouch. But it really shines when it’s all zipped up. Thanks to its crossbodystrap, this baby instantly transforms into the perfect everyday handbag. Oh, and did I mention it comes in four different shades? Personally, I plan on rocking the fuchsia, but if I accidentally pick up the black while I’m at it, will anyone out there really judge me?

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