On the off chance that I Had All the Money in the World, Here’s Every Purse I’d Buy

Assuming as it were…

As somebody who peruses PurseBlog nearly as much as news destinations (we as a whole need a departure, right?), it’s hard not to wind up fantasizing about what my next buy will be. Consider it: Imagine an existence where your everything your well deserved money could advantageously go toward a pack finance? Gracious, wouldn’t it be decent…

Be that as it may, like we all, I have costs. What’s more, more often than not, it feels like they never end. As a full-time independent essayist, I’m in charge of pretty much everything, from a strong WiFi association and office space, to medical coverage, vehicle installments, and lease. (There’s additional, however I’ll save you the subtleties.) Many days, the a long time I spend working are rapidly spent on every one of the fundamentals. (Chanel is costly, yet I’m almost certain the subject of adulting is a ton more regrettable.)

It doesn’t appear as though I’ll accumulate Kylie Jenner-level riches at any point in the near future, so everything I can accomplish for the time being is dream about the packs I want to be spending my lease cash on. First up: Chanel. Actually no, not a Double Flap—I’m in support of the brand’s most recent line of camera sacks. On the off chance that you missed my story half a month prior, I have a genuine fixation for that style of satchel.

There are a couple Fendi packs on my radar, as well. Of late, the quality, workmanship, and styles have totally grabbed my attention. There’s a Hèrmes on here, as well, however not a Kelly or a Birkin. I know they’re the heavenly vessels of any real tote accumulation, yet truly, I can’t see myself easily conveying possibly one once a day. I’m likewise not certain how I’d feel touting a pack that costs more than an initial installment on a home.

A considerable lot of the others recorded beneath are very in vogue, and it’s truly conceivable in a couple of months I’ll be over them. That is the thing: Before I dive in acquiring any pack, I am mindful so as to ensure said sack will be immortal enough to rise above seasons and years. I realize the vast majority may believe I’m ludicrous for spending more than $200 on a pack in any case, yet for me, sacks hold a more profound significance (don’t chuckle!). They speak to genuine achievements and give a feeling of solace I can’t actually clarify. But since I don’t have all the cash on the planet (and on the off chance that I did, I’d spend it on attempting to ~save~ the world), I’ll consider lemon-yellow nylons and rainbow-ish Fendi weaved bear sacks. On the off chance that you could buy any sack without agonizing over the cost, what might it be?

Chanel Camera Case

Prada Sidonie Leather Shoulder Bag

Miu Matelassé Lambskin Leather Belt Bag

Chloé Small Tess Bag

Givenchy GV3 Medium Leather Satchel Bag

Fendi Embroidery Tappetino Kan I Shoulder Bag

Dior Saddle Bag

Thom Browne Small Top Handle Leather Bag

Hermès Evelyne III 29 pack

Gucci GG Quilted Mini Round Crossbody Bag

Dolce and Gabbana Small Devotion Leather Shoulder Bag

Prada Cahier Large Leather Bag

Fendi Peekaboo

Marni Small Trunk Colorblock Leather Shoulder Bag

Holy person Laurent Sunset Small

Christian Louboutin Manilacaba Denim Tote Bag