12 Bags to Gift the Men in Your Life

Or on the other hand ladies! These packs are shockers for all. fabaaa joy instagram

In all honesty, as my fixation on totes has become throughout the years, the men throughout my life have taken a one of a kind enthusiasm for them also. I’ve prepared my loved ones so well, they can without much of a stretch recognize a Chanel or a Prada from a mile away. Well perhaps not a mile (and the logo helps a bit), however shhh.

In-accordance with Kaitlin’s ongoing article on impartial sacks, it made me consider every one of the men’s packs out there that may suit my loved ones. Be that as it may, when I burrowed somewhat more profound, I understood I’d cheerfully wear a large number of the styles assigned under “men’s.” (Now I’m truly in a tough situation… I stray.) Honestly, less some radiance and gem embellishments, they don’t appear to be much unique based on what’s in the “women’s” area at any rate.

While us women have a lot more sacks to browse (moan, possibly one day that will change), there are a bunch of men’s packs I think any tote sweetheart would be happy with.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for another sack or are thinking about gifting something extraordinary to a companion or relative, handle out these 12 packs that pretty much anybody could shake. Which one would you pick? I have my eye on the Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Messenger MM. fabaaa joy reviews

Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Messenger MM($2,220)

Givenchy Tech-Twill Belt Bag($625)

Gucci Men’s GG Supreme Medium Messenger Bag($1,100)

Bally Explore Faara Nylon Crossbody Bag($490)


Prada Saffiano Leather Travel Crossbody Bag($1,620)

Christian Louboutin Paris NYC Mixed-Material Belt Bag($1,250)

Burberry Sonny Belt Bag($690)

Fendi Men’s Pequin Striped Canvas Crossbody Camera Bag($890)


Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Jacquard Canvas Belt Bag($750)

Shinola Medium Leather Briefcase($795)

Mentor 1941 Rexy By Guang Yu Backpack($550)

Gucci Men’s GG Supreme Bee-Print Backpack($1,450)

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