Presenting Polène Paris Bags

What’s more, a more intensive take a gander at the Numéro Un Bag that I adore fabaaa joy

I’ve said before that this year, one of my objectives is to highlight more originators that aren’t as standard. Some of them will be fresh out of the box new, some have been around for a brief period yet are as of now picking up footing, and some are prominent universally however are simply advancing toward the US advertise. I believe it’s so critical to demonstrate a various take a gander at the satchel world while as yet giving all of you the works of art, and we are continually taking a shot at that balance. Today is about a brand that I discovered months prior and incorporated into my pack brands to watch in 2018.

Enter Polène, a Parisian brand with one sister and two siblings in charge, making extremely delightful sacks at extremely sensible costs. I previously discovered this brand on Instagram and began to look all starry eyed at its Numéro Un Bag. The structure was unique, the calfskin looked pleasant, and it fascinated me. I wasn’t the only one. Such huge numbers of you needed to get familiar with the brand, and I intended to share sooner, yet I’ve been behind a result of infant kid! fabaaa joy shipping

The Numéro Un Bag


Numéro Un Bag in Trio Camel – accessible by means of

The trio behind Polène is enthusiastic about craftsmanship and fine items, which for them is a family heritage gone from their incredible grandparents. The Polène pack that I cherish the most is the Numéro Un Bag, and the brand sent me one to look at for myself.

Folks, it’s REALLY great.

The bundling from Polène is excellent, and I realize a few people couldn’t care less about that to such an extent, yet I do. I need to have an involvement with my satchels, and from opening the pearlescent box to tearing back the brand’s tissue paper, it was extremely charming to get to my new pack. The cowhide—it smells SO lovely. A pristine cowhide pack should smell pleasant, and I realize I sound odd, yet at times I overlook the amount I adore smelling the calfskin of my sacks. I locate that various brands’ calfskins have particular scents—possibly it’s my increasingly delicate feeling of smell from pregnancy talking, yet I swear I could differentiate between a Chanel cowhide and Hermès calfskin at this moment.

What’s more, the sack itself did not disillusion. In some cases a pack photos superior to anything it is face to face, however this sack looks perfect and cool in the two pictures and reality. The Polène Numéro Un is female and flaunts lovely bends. Ideal for day use, this pack is only the correct size to accommodate your regular necessities (however it wouldn’t fit a PC, it would fit an iPad).

Unquestionably female for its exotic bends, “Number One” is Polène’s mark tote. Structured as multi day pack, I cherish its rich yet nice style. The form I have offers a three-tone camel mix, all in full-grained calf calfskin. The top fold is a light, smooth cowhide, while the body of the pack is a rich caramel shading in pebbled calfskin. The catch that opens to the inside is a lighter naked shading and has an attractive conclusion underneath.

Getting into the pack itself is simple, and I really love the cotton twill lining since it makes the sack lighter generally speaking, and its light shading makes it simple to discover your things inside. My one grumbling for this pack would be that to get a great take a gander at the inside, you have to unsnap the sides of the sack for the inside compartment to open up better. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination an issue on the off chance that you don’t convey huge amounts of stuff with you, however on the off chance that you have things drifting around the base of the pack, you may require more access to see. There are side snaps on the left and right of the sack, alongside two on the front, which enables the pack to open up more. Best of all, it doesn’t make the sack look fixed in the event that you convey it that way. The inside has a zippered pocket, just as two level pockets.

Polene Paris Numero Un Back

Numéro Un Bag Rear – accessible through

Each sack is carefully assembled in Spain, and each piece is incredibly created with special lines and fine materials with a Parisian soul. There are a huge amount of shading choices for the Numéro Un (my fav pack on the off chance that you can’t tell), just as tri-material and tri-shading structures. Cost is $400, and it’s a much better $400 spent than most of the other contemporary packs I see and survey.

Truth be told, this sack effectively closely resembles it ought to be in any event $1,500. I’m wanting to wear the sack considerably more to add this to our Purseonals survey, however let’s face it: I adore the pack so much that I previously went somewhat more profound here than I expected.

The Numéro Deux Bag

Polene Paris Numéro Deux

I was likewise sent a Numéro Deux however this sack is sold out in all styles on their site at the present time. I’ll check when they will restock and cover it all the more at that point!

The Best Bags of NYFW Spring 2019, As Seen on Instagram

A ton of incredible packs appeared outside the shows fabaaa customer reviews

Consistently it feels like the unwinding, simple long periods of summer go by instantly, and abruptly the hurrying around of fall has arrived. With it comes cooler temps, my preferred season for design, and, obviously, New York Fashion Week. There’s next to no personal time after Labor Day Weekend in the design world, and it’s essentially similar to flipping the timetable into style franticness, particularly when you live in the city! Traffic is crazy, and each blogger, celeb, and fashionista (and their cronies) are around the local area. While composing this post, I’ve seen perpetual NYWF participants in the anteroom of this lodging, from the blogger I spotted making a level lay with her Chanel Gabrielle Backpack, to the genuinely dazzling Marianna Hewitt, who danced by me while I was composing. On the off chance that you don’t have the chance to individuals watch face to face as I do, at that point your next best wager is Instagram, where there’s apparently perpetual bagspiration to look through. fabaaa joy instagram


conveys a Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag




conveying a Hunting Season For Carolina Herrera Lizard Trunk Bag




conveying a Louis Vuitton New Wave MM Chain Bag


detects a Fendi Mon Tresor Bag in the city of NYC


conveys a The Volon Small Cindy Bag


shows off her Louis Vuitton Chain It PM Bag




toting a BOYY Boutique Deon 19 Tote


conveys a Rejina Pyo Olivia Embossed Croc Bag


grips a Prada Fluo Nylon Pouch


conveys a STAUD Velvet Bag


conveys Chloé’s Newest woman, the Tess Bag


totes a Pop and Suki Lolita Bag


wears a Teeny Tiny Louis Vuitton Essential Trunk


conveys a too popular STAUD Clear Shirley Bag


wears a Bulgar Serpenti Bag

Celine Releases the Official Name of Hedi Slimane’s First Bag for the Brand

First observed on the arms of Lady Gaga, we are very brave subtleties on this shiny new sack fabaaa joy shipping

Somewhat less than a month prior we spotted Hedi Slimane’s first sack structure for Celine on the arms of Lady Gaga. From that point forward, a ton of things have occurred in the realm of Celine. First of all, the brand’s authentic Instagram record was cleaned off, and on September second Celine’s new logo appeared by means of web-based social networking, sans one minor detail—the highlighted é was dropped, making a cleaner increasingly improved structure. As per a post via web-based networking media, the new logo was roused by the brand’s unique logo that existed in the 1960’s. Additionally presented was the hashtag #CELINEBYHEDISLIMANE and fans tensely pondered what news the brand would drop straightaway. Well companions, we have the most recent for you today: the very anticpated subtleties on Slimane’s first sack for Celine.

The sack, just called the ’16’ pack, is named after the maison’s couture home office in Paris, situated at 16 Rue Vivienne. On the off chance that the 16 pack is any sign, Celine’s fans are in for certain alters with the course of its sacks under the imaginative heading of Slimane. In case you’re tingling to get your hands on this smooth and chic new plan you won’t need to hold up long, on the grounds that the brand’s legitimate discharge likewise expressed that the sack will be accessible.fabaaa customer reviews

Breaking the $500,000 Mark: A Look at an Extremely Rare Hermès Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Birkin

This sack should bring over a 30% expansion from the last most astounding evaluated pack at any point sold coupon code

With regards to record-breaking sacks, look no more remote than Hermès. We as a whole realize that over and over at closeout, extraordinary and precious stone encrusted Birkins break records as the most costly sack at any point sold. Privé Porter has reliably broken past records, with its last ultra-uncommon Birkin selling in 2016 for $298,000.

In any case, Privé Porter’s proprietor Jeff Berk is perched on the following sack he knows is sure to crush the current record. Indeed, Berk admitted to me he previously passed on an idea from a Middle Eastern customer for $500,000, picking rather to take this pack to sell this coming fall or winter. Enter the Hermès 30 cm Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Crocodile Birkin with 18K Gold Hardware, said to be one of the rarest, most hard to-discover packs on the planet. This rendition has 18k white gold equipment with precious stones.

Hermès Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Crocodile Birkin VS ‘Ordinary’ Himalaya Crocodile Birkin

Berk reports this sack was acquired in 2013 in the Las Vegas boutique for around $250,000, and today he feels emphatically it will effectively break $500,000. What propels somebody to spend over twofold the price tag? Selectiveness and irregularity. On the off chance that you are a pack authority and have the methods, owning this sack may make you one of few individuals on the planet to ever put your hands on it. What’s more, from what we’ve been told and from our exploration, there may have never been another sack like this made. Another immense truth to remember is that the last most noteworthy sold pack at any point was $382,000 by Christie’s in November of 2017 at its Hong Kong Auction. That record holding cost and a couple before it were for the ‘Ordinary’ Diamond Himalaya (not Gris Cendre). Berk revealed to me he accepts there are around 60 ‘ordinary’ Diamond Himalaya Birkins out there (counting 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm). That cost was at that point weighty however once this pack sells for over $500,000 we are taking a gander at a monstrous bounce in cost for the most costly sack at any point sold, one that imprints over a 30% expansion, and one that may never be met again. This could be a record that represents the not so distant (more on that beneath).

Many pack sweethearts think about the Hermès Himalaya sacks, however in talking with Berk, I’ve adapted some extra intriguing certainties. Berk will discharge another book soon, Moneybags, and to assemble data for the book, he talked with Hermès representatives and customers who are instructed (frequently more so than most Hermès workers) about the brand.

The Making of a Ultra Rare Holy Grail

The normal conviction is the ordinary Himalaya sack, either a Birkin or Kelly (which means not precious stone and gold equipment) is made once for each 100 different niloticus croc purses. During the 2010-2012 keep running of the Gris Cendre Himalaya, the estimation is that just a single Gris Cendre was made for each 10 Himalaya packs. Berk addressed a skilled worker at the Madison Avenue boutique a month ago, who disclosed to him he had just known about or seen one Gris Cendre with Diamond and Gold Hardware Birkin. This coordinated with his other data that the main other one made, a 35cm, was sold in Beverly Hills in 2012. Despite the fact that we don’t have a clue about the proprietor of this sack, the main picture of an “ordinary” Gris Cendre Birkin (which means no precious stones) I’ve had the option to discover was on Tamara Ecclestone, who has amassed a remarkable Hermès gathering herself. fabaaa joy

With the statistical data points shared over, the conviction is there were just two Hermès Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Crocodile Birkins made, and this the just one with this accurate equipment design. There are gossipy tidbits that Gris Cendre may never be made again, which leads me back to my point above — whoever places the most astounding offer on this sack will be the proprietor of a pack that isn’t just incredibly uncommon, yet additionally may remain the most costly sack sold for quite a while to come.

We’ll update you as often as possible about the news on this sack, as it is certain to break records. What’s more, however I won’t offer myself for evident reasons – one being accounts – I discover a sack and story like this so fascinating. Also, what I truly need to know is who purchases this sack (however presumably will never, except if the individual needs to share) and how they intend to utilize it.